Saturday, July 27, 2013

June Running Log

1-3 Something in Chicago
4 Checking out Duluth. 20K, some in Chester Park. Good stuff.
5: Two runs, maybe 8K total around Duluth
7: 6K with Andreas on bike trails
9: 1.5 hours in Hixon and HPT. Yes!
12: 2 hours on HPT. Yes!
13-17: Can't remember.
18: Two Suså loops. Felt tired.
20: Quick break from watching kids. 10 x pinetum in 20:40. Not bad at all, actually. I think 12 seconds off PR
22: 45 minutes with the boys and then 3x perimeter loop. Thanks, Natti!
23 Lots of running with the turds in the jogger. Maybe total 16K
25: 3 x perimeter loop fast.
Don't remember the rest