Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 2014 Running Log

1 2M@5% 13:22 (a minute slower than PR but still it felt very hard). Meant to do another one, but I was too tired. Chippewa fatigue.
3 2M@5% 12:39. Got interrupted by pages. A few 800s.
5 400s on the treadmill
7 4 mile NMTC trail race. 4th place. Felt good, but others around me were faster than I remembered from last year. Did "chick" the Girl (>1 minute per mile faster. That won't happen often)
9 2x(2M@5%). I think one of them was in 12:21.
10 Maybe 10 miles watching the Girl take an incredible 5th place at Ice Age! Way more fun than running myself.
11 Around 10 miles on HPTs and Hixon trails in La Crosse. I love those trails. How I miss La Crosse.
13 Increasingly fast 400s om treadmill
15 Something fast om treadmill 
17 2M@5% 12:15 (close to PR on fitness center treadmills). 4x800 (no time, as I got interrupted)
19 4x800 15:25 PR, 5x400 (400s all out with 200m jog at 7.5 MPH 1%) 13:48
21 2x3000 with the Girl in Bagley. Then 1.5 hours alone on the SHT
23 28K on the SHT with the Girl. Great day.
24 Another long run on SHT. Maybe 26K
26n4x800 in 15:55. Felt really slow. 5x400 10:45
28 4x800 15:40. 5x400 10:38 (PR?)
30 something on the treadmill