Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Summer is here

I had a great day. Went running with the Girl and the Bois on one of the local scenic bike trails. It was nice and warm out. The air was milky and there was barely a breeze. We had to disrobe almost immediately.

My left calf has been bugging me since the 50K last weekend but today it felt tight but safe. The Girl has had a sluggish week with some odd pains as well. We decided that we felt good today and planned a 14 mile run (7 miles out and back). I pushed the Bois on the way out and he slept peacefully the whole time. This is our contraption, consisting of a bungee cord, a car seat and a baby jogger. Halfway, I wanted to test the legs a little and took off. I ended up doing 2x3 miles of tempo. It works out such that I run 3 miles in only slightly more time than the Girl runs two, so we could predict where we would meet after each effort. I would run 2.5 miles out and 0.5 miles back and meet her back at the 2 mile spot. I think it made both of us run a little faster during the second interval. The Bois was an angel the whole day. The only problem was that his hat kept covering his eyes. We eventually fixed that problem.

What a great day. We have an even more ambitious day planned next weekend. We are planning on going camping Saturday night, followed by a long day of running (taking turns running on the trail and on the road).

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