Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's off to America

It's off to America to see the kids. I can't wait to surrpise them after school tomorrow. Daughter knows we are coming, but not Son. It's been 4 months (almost) since he saw me, so I am a little worried about how he is going to react. Hopefully, it'll be just like where we left off.

We are lucky enough to have a non-stop flight from Copenhagen to Chicago. The Lorax is still a lap child so we are hoping for an open seat next to us. We'll practice Danish "History and Physicals" for as long as we can stomach it. The Girl will sleep, whereas I won't be able to. I'll watch three half movies and read the flight magazine a few times.

I hear Wisconsin is beautiful this time of year. Not. In fact, March is probably the worst month in Wisconsin; the skiing is gone but the trails aren't ready for running. And forget about biking. Hopefully, we'll get a few runs in on the old trails. The Girl's knee is getting better every day. It's not quite normal but she is back to running her usual amounts.


olga said...

Wow, home trip, that's exciting!

olga said...

And I forgot to mention on Girl's blog - the Son looks exacrly like you!!!