Monday, April 13, 2009

Another Bad Race

This was a 5K on the trails I run every week. I won this race a number of years ago and had thought I would at least get a top 3 this year.

The race started with a loop around the track (always a fun way to start a race) and then 1K of a strong headwind. For some reason, I let the front group go. I probably could have held on, and should have considered doing it in the wind. So 3 guys got ahead by working together, while I ran behind a guy who seemed like he was working way too hard.

Then we turned right and the wind was in our backs. I tried half-heartedly to bridge the gap up to the top three. With 2K left, one of the guys up ahead fell off the back of his group and it looked like he might come back. He didn't and I finished fourth.

In short, I felt fat, old and out of shape. Everything was clicking a couple of months ago. Then came our vacation and two races that got in the way of focused training. I have gained weight during all this. I gotta get back in shape; next target race is a half-marathon in June.

The Girl ran a great race, setting a strong PR. For someone who runs for fun, she is getting very fast.

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SteveQ said...

5Ks are always hit-and-miss, which is why 5K specialists do so many of them. It's hard to run well at both that distance and at 1/2-marathon at the same time, so you'll probably surprise yourself at how young, thin and fit you feel pretty soon.