Thursday, October 22, 2009

How do I run a 6 hour race?

We have the Copenhagen 6H Race coming up on Saturday.

I have never raced a timed race, of course. The route is a mostly paved, flat 2.2K loop around a lake. How do I race? My two 50 milers took over 7 and 9 hours, respectively, but I started out jogging for the first two hours and walked for the last bit in both races. If I do it just right, I imagine I can do the first hour to 90 minutes at a relaxed pace and then run decently until the finish.

I'm considering simply running with the Girl for the first, say, 90 minutes. I don't know if she would be okay with that, as she plans to run an even pace and may not want to talk to me.

Another crazy thought is starting out fairly slowly, wait to get lapped by the leaders and then run with them. Denmark is a windy place and drafting a little may be a wise idea.

In short, I don't have a clue how to race this one. I don't know how competitve the race is or how far I am supposed to run. I am loosely thinking 65K to 70K. I believe my six hour split at North Country 50 was around 70K, but I was in better shape then. then again, this route is flat.

We shall see.

The Girl is running to win. I know she has aspirations of making the Danish national team, although I wonder if she would be eligible. There is woman there, Maibritt, who is one of the faster ladies on the Danish ultra team. The Girl will probably try to stay close to this woman, although it's a bit of a tall order. Maibritt has a 67K 6H PR, which may be a bit much for the Girl. Come to think of it, it may be a bit much for me...


sea legs girl said...

I was hoping we'd run at least the first 90 minutes together. It worked at Voyageur, right?

SteveQ said...

That's it! Start 20 minutes after everyone else, like at Voyageur!

I haven't done a 6-hour, but I imagine you treat it like a 50 mile or 100K until you have one hour left, then reassess. Timed races get a little crowded and confusing in the final bit, unless done on a 400 meter track.