Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 in Review

What a strange year it has been. My life now is unrecognizable from a few years ago, in so many ways. I may write about this later.

This is my 2009 Running Review.

The winter and spring saw me do the first focused training I have done in years. I basically found my old routine from medical school, of running hard several nights a week. It paid off generously, with fast legs in late spring. The highlight was a 16:15 5K on a rainy, windy track. I had the legs to go under 16, but didn't hit the right race.

Then I think I pushed it a little too much and crammed in some long hard runs to prepare for a half marathon PR (1:13.54). I did a training run the week before the race, indicating that I was right on PR pace. On race day, I found myself alone in front, facing a stiff headwind. It turned out to be a disappointing 1:16.xx.

Then it was time for some fun. We did a triathlon in June and Voyageur 50 miles in July.

Late summer and fall lacked focused training. I ran a lot, and ran hard. I think the highlights would be a 16:30 5K and a win in a fairly big cross country race in October.

These last two months of 2009 have been good. I am running on the same plan as last year. Goals for 2010:

5K 16:00 flat (under 16 would be too much pressure)
Age group national champion in the 5000
10K Under-34
Half Under 1:15
Win an ultra