Saturday, May 1, 2010

Editing links to other blogs

Today, I took upon myself the task of editing my links to other blogs. Having a link from the blog of the world's fastest hematologist is, of course, a great honor. Never mind the fact that no one ever reads this.

Out went:

Wynn Davis. Simply because the link was dead. I looked everywhere but couldn't find Wynn's writings anywhere. He seemed like a cool guy when I met him at Chippewa in 2008 and I thought his race reports (from his own and other races) were excellent. But, alas, the link was dead.

Julie Berg. I was on the fence about this one, as I have read Julie's blog for years. It was one of the first blogs I started following. But she doesn't seem to run that many races anymore and she is getting into bodybuilding and fanatic diets. Ah hell, it's still pretty interesting. I should add her back in.

Matt Hart. Used to have some good race reports, but no longer. Seems to be focusing on coaching and is trying to sell stuff.

In came:

Mike Wardian. What a stud, winning races left and right, and his race reports are interesting.

Ian Dobson and Julia Lucas. They are both elite runners battling injury. Ian seems like a normal guy and Julia seems like a good mix of OCD and honesty. I think people read her blog for the same reason they read the Girl's blog.

Piccolapinecone. There is something about slightly obsessed OCD women that fascinates me, I guess. This blog is delightfully analytical, sometimes overly so. And I love the race reports.

Sealegsgirl. My own OCD wife and her beloved, hated, debated blog.

Staying on the list:

Steve Quick. Obviously.

Sean Meissner. I don't know anything about him, but he has almost exactly my running abilities and runs cool races in cool places and blogs about them. One could call me jealous of him.

Olga Varlamova. I have followed Olga's blog for a long time. She is not as prolific as she used to be. Also, I miss her old aggresive race reports. Sometimes, I can't help thinking "okay, so you bonded with numerous people, cried with them, passed out for five minutes and almost died but, damn it, what place did you get?".

Anton Krupicka. The Girl wants me to wear little running shorts to bed, which is within reason. But when she wants me to pack eight gels into them, wear a wig and answer to the name Tony, it gets weird. But, still, one has to admit that he has an interesting blog.

Scott Dunlap. His blog is great, no matter how you look at it. I tend to get annoyed by people like him, but I met him in real life and he impressed me. He took second at Angel Island behind a guy, who got lost and ran some of the course in the opposite direction. The guy probably should have been disqualified, but it seemed like Scott devised a plan with the RD to get him back on track, not caring about his own place.

iRunfar. Hmm. I've been annoyed by this website lately and thought about taking the link down. It's getting too fragmented and too commercial for me. Still, it has occasional interesting stuff.


SteveQ said...

Didn't know about Ian and Julia; I'll have to check them out! While I don't have you in my blogroll, you're in a reader service I have (so is PiccolaPinecone) and those are the blogs I read first.

"Obviously" you're keeping a link to mine? I'm amazed anyone ever reads the thing. Especially lately.

PiccolaPineCone said...

obsessive? moi? yeah, i guess a little.

The Lorax said...

You can't say you are adding mama and then not add her! Nej nej. Ikke stor bil.

olga said...

Well, then, may be it's time to end this link, since I don't plan on doing anything aggressive. I actually never thought I did before. Must have been anger at my ex. Have fun picking wins:) We have different priorities.

Anonymous said...