Thursday, March 24, 2011

We have been thinking hard about a name for the baby. I have always felt that picking a girl's name is so much easier that a boy's.

We want a name that's primarily Scandinavian but will also work in America. A name that makes people go, "yeah, that's right, he was born in Denmark", but not one that he will spend a lifetime spelling and explaining.

For the readers who know my name, it's very unusual for America, but the corresponding last night is pretty common. So it's not completely unfamiliar to most Americans, but probably a little bit on the weird side, if I'm to be completely honest. So that's a consideration.

Here's a top 10 (and this will be fun to read in ten years):

1. Mattias

2. Tobias

3. Carl-Mattis

4. Anakin (yes, like Skywalker)

5. Mats (like Wilander, the tennis star)

6. Samson

7. Isak (probably a little higher than 7th)

8. Lukas

9. Eric

10. Emil

I was discussing my unusual family structure with my department's professor. We were talking careers, and I mentioned that going back to Wisconsin/Minnesota isn't so much a work thing as it is a kid thing. The professor understood and confessed that he too had step-kids and kids with step-parents. I told him how Andreas had looked at me and called me Jeff (my ex's new husband) and I swear the professor got a little bit of a tear in his eye.

Another attending is on his third marriage and has a complicated structure of kids and step-kids, so he is another person who can relate.

The truth is that Andreas is doing better than ever. He has always been an introverted, shy kid. He has always been well-liked, though, and he is a handsome, tall boy. His favorite things to do is play video games and draw robots. He doesn't like Skyping, so I don't get to talk to him very much, but the other day he read to me from a book about Christopher Columbus. I didn't even know he could read more than a few words, and now it turns out he reads like a 4th grader (he is 7). Jeebus. He was in summer school last summer, because his reading was subpar. So he is doing well, no thanks to me.

I don't miss him the way I missed him and Natali when we first moved here. when Natali came to live here, I was ecstatic that I had at least one of them, so the desperate feeling disappeared. But I think about him every day, and there is a constant sense in my mind that things didn't turn out like they were supposed to.

So there's another sappy post in a long line of sappy posts.

But I do like the name Andreas. I felt it was a little too Germanic, when my ex insisted on it, but I like it more and more. When Andreas watches the Tour de France with me, he is fascinated that there are other Andreases out there (like Kloeden from Radioshack). In a tiny, but palpable, way it connects him to the Old Country.


SteveQ said...

My word verification is "amish." That's a nice name.

I like product industrial product names for boys: Tyvek. Kevlar.

(Is there any wonder I have no kids?)

Anakin and Samson would get teased in the US. Emil is really old-fashioned (I had a great great uncle Emil), but might work. With the last name, Mattias, Tobias and Lukas sound musically correct.

PiccolaPineCone said...

I like all of these names but if you want my opinion, and who wouldn't really, Isak and Lukas are awfully popular names right now in North America so if things like that matter to you, you might want to steer clear of those (though of course both of them are spelled with a c here).

Word verification: schickt - not such a nice name