Saturday, November 5, 2011

Preview of my Perfect Marathon

The stars are aligned. Conditions are perfect. Tomorrow, I'm running my perfect marathon!

Here's a brief list of things that point to perfection:

1. I am light and have been so for over a month. My body is used to it, so I am not "weak light".

2. I am in good shape. Haven't raced much or well, but I feel like I have one coming.

3. This race is all on trails.

4. I have figured out exactly how fast to start out: running the first half in 1:30, the second half in 1:19 for a tiny PR.

5. I have a playlist that will hopefully induce a strong runner's high at the half marathon point.

The only drawback is that there are money prizes and reasonably fast people there. I tend to become too stressed to start slowly, when everyone takes off in the beginning. My last Perfect Marathon, it just so happened that the guy who ended up taking second ran the first half in something like 1:30, so I had a companion for the first half. Tomorrow, a 1:30 first half will probably put me in 10th place at the halfway point.

That's my plan. Wish me luck.

The Girl is talking about a PR, too.


SteveQ said...

Best of luck! Usually a prediction like that means a sick baby crying all night or a flat tire on the way to the race. My prediction: you'll be close to a PR and The Girl will crush her best time and act surprised.

Fast Bastard said...


DDitlev said...

Good luck! See you tomorrow!

Fast Bastard said...

Yeah, we saw you were running, too. See ya there.