Monday, October 8, 2012

September Running Log

2: Skovløberen (trail marathon). 2:58. 2nd place. Halfway in 1:26, 4th place, felt easy. Smug as hell. Made a move at 25 and had a 2 minute lead at 30k. Cramps at 25K and got passed with 2 K to go! Argh. Girl ran a 3:22 trail marathon without a taper!
Ran 4K with Natti that same night.
3: 2K with Natti
5: Permiteter trails. Almost recovered
7: 10 Hills 21:18. PR?
12: 10 hills. 21:01. PR
14: 7 x 800. Weird workout, as the track was used by a kids' track meet. Ran 3 laps around 2:37 to 2:40 on the real track and 4 laps on the short HG track.
16: 5K 18:57 with the boys in the BOB. Beat the Girl, who PR'd in 19:31.
18: Very fast fartleks in the woods.
20: Some with Natti.
21: 2 perimeter trails. Tired legs. Rainy.
22: 3K with Natti
23: 10 hills. 20:28. Huge PR. Very surprising.
I forget the rest. Some perimeter trails and such. Busy. Not enough time to train.

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SteveQ said...

I always tell runners that early in their careers they should get all they can out of low mileage and lots of races. I don't know how much longer you can improve without actually doing some serious training, but it's been quite the successful year (I figure the Chippewa 50K was equivalent to about a 2:46 marathon)! On the training you're doing, I was running races 1 or 2 minutes per mile slower than you... and was in high school.