Monday, April 29, 2013

April 2013 Running Log

1: 14K in woods
3: Great workout on the treadmill. Ran 14 x 1K at pace escalating from 3:50 to 3:15
6: 60K Fyr til Fyr. 5:25. Felt ok, but cramped up at 55K.
7: 3K jog with the Girl. Actually felt quite good.
8: 3K with Natti
11: 14K in woods
13: Two perimeter loops. 3K with Natti.
14: Two perimeter loops. Left achilles hurt.
20: I'm back, baby! Speedy perimeter loops. Felt great.
21: Longish run.
23: Fartleks in the woods.
25: Long "picnic" run with the boys in the jogger. Probably 18K or so.
27: Faxeløbet. 8.2K, one big hill, 30:45. Won.
28: 7K with the boys in the jogger.
30: Long run with the boys, running Christian to soccer.

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