Monday, November 3, 2008

End of my season

I'm injured. Right-sided tibial periostitis. Shin splint. Tried to run through it but the pain got worse. Took a few days off, ran a 5K tempo in a disappointing time (despite the forced taper) and the shin still hurts. Now, we we're going to Disney World with the kids and I am taking a week off from running.

This season was fun. Off the top of my head:

Started with a YMCA 5K this winter just below 17 minutes. That looked like it would be a good season.

Then came Chippewa Morraine 50, which didn't go well. Deep snow, cramps. Going from great to sucky in course of one mile. Looking back, I know exactly what I did wrong: I didn't eat or drink enough. When I should have run my own race, I stuck right behind the lead group until the halfway point. Maybe next year?

Then the St. Clare's half marathon. My time was 1.16, I think. I won, outsprinting a college runner, who was coming up behind me fast. This was with the 50K in my legs so it was a tough one but, boy, did it feel good. The time was bad, but the feel was good.

Then I am not sure what I ran.

In July, I won the Angel Island race in San Francisco. Very cool race. I ran the 25K and almost got the course record but got lost. That was probably the time I was in the best shape.

I wish I had run the 50K, though.

I ran an 18-minute 5K with the baby jogger, yielding many strange looks, later in July.

Then I ran (and won) two smaller 5Ks, both around 16:40, in August.

In September, I tried a 50-miler (North Country Trail Run) and started out very, very slowly. It worked, and I ended up passing a lot of people. Amazingly, this landed me the only money prize of the year ($50!!). That race was fun; I can't wait for my next ultra.

A few weeks ago, I ran a 10K in 34:45. Won it pretty easily. Without hills and with competition, I could have gone a lot faster. I thought that race showed that I could keep up the season a little longer but then I got injured.

So there you have it. A week off and building up to next year.


Danni said...

Bummer that you're injured but it sounds like you might need the rest. Have a nice time in Florida and nice work on a speedy and winning season!

SteveQ said...

I think this stopping for the year is going to catch on. Hope to see you on the trails next year, even if you have to fly in from Denmark.

Phil said...

You had an amazing year. Your performance certainly improved once you were no longer dealing with all the drama of your divorce.

johny said...

ur year is really amazing