Monday, June 1, 2009

New Apartment

We just moved into our new apartment. It's "physician housing", which sounds more impressive than it is. But it's cheap, the neighbors seem nice and it's 50 feet from miles of excellent trails. I have never lived in a place where the running is better. Many bad things can be said about living here, and I say them often, but the running sure is good.

I was running tonight through one forest and then on a bike trail connecting to another forest. A young girl, not much older than Daughter, was riding her bike. She swerved from side to side and tried to grab as many leaves off the trees beside the trail as she could. It was such a beautful night and she looked so happy. Daughter will like it here. Not all is bad about this place.

I usually get very nostalgic when I move. It reminds me of growing older; of another phase of life having passed. Not this time, though. Living here, away from the kids, has caused me so much anguish. I have looked at this time, since we moved, as a countdown until Daughter moves here.

Okay, I got a little nostalgic, when we were cleaning up the place today and talking about what it was like living there. Truth is, the new place is just a better home.

I promised I would post a picture of the Girl in the starting blocks before her quarter mile sprint. She ran an 89 second quarter mile, which is only slightly faster than the pace she usually runs her 5Ks. She looks poised here, though:

I tried to teach the Lorax about the transition zones in relay races:

I am getting in good shape. I am hoping for a low 16 in the 5000 next week, when we have the regional "masters running" championships. The Girl has a 10K this weekend, where I will babysit. I think she will be shooting for a low 41.


sea legs girl said...

Hey! That 89 second half mile WAS after already running 40k that day.

Runningdoctor said...

89 second half mile... If you keep that up, you'll be breaking that mythical 3-minute mile barrier soon.

(A half mile is two laps; not one.)

SteveQ said...

An 89 second 400 meter [you guys are in Denmark, for crying out loud; there's only one non-metric track within driving distance for me in fly-over land USA] isn't even a good finishing kick on a 40K.

sea legs girl said...

Ooooh. How embarassing!

One could chose to be impressed by the fact that when I run a 5k, I am actually sprinting as fast as I can the entire way.

The fact that I can't tell the difference between and half and a quarter mile is a bit harder to defend.