Friday, June 12, 2009

"Relative" PR

I haven't felt this way in a few years. I mean, there are people out there who would find a 16-minute 5K miserably slow, and some who couldn't ever dream of running so fast. Time is relative to who you are and what sort of talent you have.

I have been in 16-minute 5K shape three or four times in my life, which is the best shape I have ever been in. I have had that feeling for a few weeks now; like the legs turn over faster. Like I breathe fast but never feel winded.

Last nights track meet was cold, windy and wet. I felt great warming up. The back stretch was a fierce headwind and I was hoping there would be someone to run with. Alas, lining up I thought it unlikely, and I did end up running the whole thing by myself. It wasn't bad, though. My new and, more importantly, old track clubs were there. The people I ran with 5 years ago were suddenly there, cheering me on, every time I came down the home stretch. The announcer even called out my splits every kilometer. (He also said "Runningdoctor has a huge lead but he is born in 1975... That means he is only 33, ehr, maybe 34, so he may not get as many points as some of the older runners out there." I didn't know whether to smile or wave or something; I have never have someone discuss my running over stadium speakers. I swear at some point he said I didn't look tired yet.

My kilometer splits were approximately:


Maybe the last one was faster and some of the others were slower. The time was, I think, just under 16:15. My PR is 15:57 but it was run in perfect conditions in a race where I was behind a guy the whole time, until I slyly outkicked him with 100 yards to go. I think my effort last night was stronger, and so I am calling it a "relative" PR.

The Girl was supposed to run the 1500 but it was so cold and wet that we couldn't stand waiting for all the shot putters and pole vaulters to do to their thing.

Next up is a half marathon next weekend. With these legs, I am thinking sub 1:15 with a slight possibility of a PR (1:13:54). This should give me a top three, which means I should have people to pace off. The Girl is thinking about winning, as it has been won in about 1:30 for two years straight. I will have to impress on her to draft for the first half and then use that Yasso speed to bring it home.


Danni said...

Excellent work!!! Isn't drafting sort of rude in running events? (Unless you take turns drafting of course). The one time someone drafted off me it made me feel fat.

Runningdoctor said...

Danni, I go back and forth on this. I think if you are racing for a title or money, and especially if you are part of a team racing other teams, it's absolutely acceptable.

On the other hand, you don't want to ruin someone's race, either. People will generally let you know when they think it's your turn to lead for a while.

Often, I will move up to take a pull at the front. There are guys who will accelerate and try to keep me behind them. In that case, I draft away merrily.

SteveQ said...

You can draft on me all you want at the Voyageur 50 in July (but you'll have to be running awfully slow)!