Saturday, December 18, 2010


When I speak dreamily about a faraway fairytale land, sometimes referred to as Utopia and other times simply called Wisconsin, I always mention "snow in winter". Yet, how the hell come, whenever it snows here, I hate it.

Because my cross country skis are in Wisconsin?

No. Not really, although it would be cool to have them here. Snow profoundly paralyzes Denmark. We have gotten maybe 10 inches over the last week, and the resulting traffic chaos is amazing. Add to this the fact that I work 60 miles from my house. I usually take the train, but for night and weekend shifts, I drive. This morning, with an inch of fresh snow in 25 degree weather, some people were going 20 miles an hour on the freeway.

I should mention Natali.

She didn't take the news well; that her teachers had brought up the weight issue. I wrote to my ex about what had happened, and she responded with a nice email full of advice. Natali was pissed. She is a superb splitter and had lost a golden opportunity here.

The interesting thing is that she got over her anger very quickly. When I saw her the next afternoon, she seemed almost relieved that the can of worms had been opened. I know she has been thinking about it a lot, and of course the other girls have made fun of her. This process has made it acceptable to talk about her weight. Somewhat to my surprise.

So in the last three days, she has been very active and even skipped her evening snack one night. I asked her "are you really hungry?"; she smiled and looked down and replied: "I'm learning to speak to my stomach and he says no". She is so cool.

Meanwhile, the Girl is throwing up non-stop. If you wonder whether being an MD makes her less or more nervous of something happening to this pregnancy, here are a few examples of her state of mind:

- "I'm so nauseated. Then it can't be an ectopic! Hey wake up. I don't think it's an ectopic!"

- "Now I feel great. Oh god, what if it's an ectopic?"

- "My stomach is so big. What if it's a molar pregnancy? Molars make lots of hCG, so maybe that's why I'm nauseated.

- "Oh my god, maybe the Ginger is filling up my stomach. So if I take too much, I'll get nauseated again."

She is throwing up so much that the Lorax scream "drukket" (has drunk), whenever she makes a gaggy face. We're not sure why he screams "drukket", but we suspect that he thinks that she has drunk too much, too fast.


SteveQ said...

I've never heard of "molar pregnancy!" There must be tendency toward hypochondria in physicians akin to people who look up symptoms on their computers and think their sniffles are Dengue Fever. So... how long do you have between the nausea complaining and the "I'm fat!" complaining?

sea legs girl said...

Are you saying I'm fat, Steve?

SteveQ said...

SLG: Oh good lord, no.... not again. I'm still reeling from the "I think Ilsa Paulson's hot, therefore I think all skinny women and only skinny women are hot" backlash. Of course, "doc wannabe" doesn't make things any better - could we just start calling me a "tiny chaser" instead?

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