Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chippewa 50K Preview

Chippewa 50K is coming up Saturday. It was our first ultra back in 2008; that year, the course was covered in snow, so the race was a little different. I did horribly and have always wanted to come back and do better. We ran it last year; I did all right, but had been sick with scarlet fever the week before. Race reports here:

2011 and 2008

I am definitely in good shape right now, but as always with ultra running, the times a hard to compare. Last year, I ran in 4:15 or so, which I should be able to beat easily, but then it was muddy last year and I got lost for a few minutes, so even from year to year, comparisons are hard.

Someone could show up and beat me by a half hour, but it will be fun if I am able to stick with the front group. I tend to start ultras very slowly, for fear of blowing up late in the race. But this year, I feel like I am in such good shape that I plan on sticking with the front, unless it's a ridiculously fast pace.

The Girl is recovering from injury, but will run the race for fun. I know she was looking forward to running with Alicia Hudelson, but she does not want to risk it. I think she needs to gain weight, as she is about as thin as I have ever seen her. She is nothing but ribs and spine and it worries us both. First step is me cooking up tuna in a fatty coconut sauce this evening. She is under a lot of sress from her eye study, unfortunately, and that will continue into the fall. If she is able to run the whole thing (slowly) on Saturday, I think she can resume her regular running, which will help a lot with her stress level. For a lot of us, being injured is almost like being depressed

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Kirsten said...

Accupuncture can be a very good way of relaxing stress - as funny as it sounds. I have good experience with my daughter, lessens anxiety. Could be worth a try, she definitely needs it...