Thursday, June 21, 2012

June 2012 running log

June 2012 Running Log

1-12: Lots of HPTs.
13: HPTs
15: 5 miles on the lakeshore bike trail in Duluth with Christian. Beautiful.
16: Ran some next to the Girl at Grandma's
17: Speed. 2 x 2 miles at grades (to 5%) in 12:20s and 12:50s. "4K intervals" in 15:20 or so. Much slower than just a few months ago! Ran at the Y due to the heat. Shocked at how slow things went. 
18: Hot. Oak trail to HPT and one long BDT lop.

20: Speed. 2 x 2 miles at grades (to 5%) in 12:25 and 12:50. "4K intervals" in 14:56
21: 3x GDB and 2 Ebner Coulees on the bike
22: I forget the details, but my right shin and calf were getting tight. Took a few days off and then ran a 2 x 2 miles at grades (to 5%). Felt good with no pain. Fastest was at 12:15.

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