Thursday, June 21, 2012

May 2012 Running Log

1-2: Some Chippewa recovery. Can't remember
3: 2.5 hours in the hills. Felt a little stiff but generally ok.
6: Some with the babyjogger
7: 15K with the baby jogger to and from the conference.
8: Long run around Fort Lauderdale. 30K?
9: A little jogging with Christian
11: Tempo work at Nashotah Park. That's actually a really nice place to run.
12: Left knee hurts a little after playing some soccer with the kids.
13: Glorious Hixon and HPT run.
14: Ran, swam and biked a little
15-26: Not sure. Nothing but long runs on HPTs
27: Med City Half Marathon. Strong headwinds. 1:18
28-: Not sure

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