Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 2013 Running Log

3 fast run on YMCA treadmills
6 fast run on YMCA treadmills
8 fast on YMCA treadmills
10 slow jog on Bandera course
11 Bandera 50K
17 10 in freezing Hartland
18 slow run in the woods
20 snow run
22 treadmill. 3x 2 miles @ up to 5% in 12:50, 12:35 and 11:49 (grade might be off on the last one.
24 treadmill: 2x 5k ("two peaks" up to 5%). 20:20 and 19:50.
26 Long run. Maybe 1 hour with Christian in the babyjogger and 1 hour alone.
27 5k slow with the Girl in the snow. 5K tempo. Good legs.
29 Treadmill: 2 miles @ up to 5% in 13:00 and 12:39. 3x800


PiccolaPineCone said...

i am always amazed by how few days you run in a month and still put together decent performances. did you really only run 13 days in january or are you only logging what you remember? anyway it's very encouraging to me as i head back to work and begin to accept how very little time i am about to have to run...

Fast Bastard said...

I never run more than every other day, so it can't be more than 15 days a month. And with a big race in the middle, I missed a few extra days.

I do have big plans of trying to increase mileage, but I have had those plans for a while and have done nothing about it.