Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I'm racing again!

Life has been hectic, to say the least. The running has been great. We are still exploring Duluth's many trails.

The Girl ran (and won) the Superior Sawtooth 50 mile race. She will have a report up soon, I think. I had to work, unfortunately, but it sounds like a fun race. Alicia, who is an expert of extreme ultras, has her report here. She has the Arrowhead 135 Mile women's record and fastest known time on the entire 442 km Superior Hiking Trail (although I believe the trail was a little shorter when she set the record).

The Girl's win was a pleasant surprise, although not completely unexpected. She also set a PR of 18:49 at a 5K in Oconomowoc. In running, you can't compare the quality of two such efforts, but an 18:49 is quite an achievement. In this day and age, where longer always seems to be better, a lot of even semi-serious runners are not familar with quality times in the classic long distances. Well, 18:49 is fast. And I believe she will improve from there. She is running interval times indicating low 18s.

I ran a 16:11 at the same race, so I'm getting into decent shape. The race consisted of long, boring straights of asphalt with a few hills. Yes, boring.

Last Wednesday, I got to run a trail race in Lester Park. It's part of a trail series in and around Duluth that lasts all fall. There are races almost every week, actually. It's been a long time since I had so much fun racing. It's 3 loops of mildly technical trails with lots of ups and downs. Each loop goes mostly up for a mile and then back down for another mile.

The warm-up area teemed with fast-looking younger men. A few guys ran in spikes! Many ran shirtless, which is always certain to make me feel old. My hairy, pale torso is not and never will be acceptable for public display.

What a cool race. Up and down, twists and turns; never a dull moment. I felt ok on the climbs and had a hard time holding on on the downhills. That's always the case with me.

Coming through after lap 1:

That's Chris Rubesch, who is a top ultra runner. Chris played no tactical games and just ran his own race, leading out the pack the first mile. The eventual winner, Gage and Adam are up ahead.

After lap 2:

We had caught Adam. The three of us ran a lap together..

And at the finish: (not exactly a toe striker, eh?):

I was able to sneak away on the last long uphill. And by sneak away, I mean red-lining it, while my legs were simultaneously numb and burning with lactic acid. When I got to the top, I had maybe 20 seconds on Chris and Adam (and at this time Erik Elmstrand was catching them). The downhill was a crazy all-out sprint, hoping to stay on my feet. Thankfully, they didn't catch me. Results here. Did I mention it was a fun race? Tomorrow is the next race in the series. Since the Girl is still sore from her 50 miler, she will watch the kids and I get to run this one, too!

I should write about Christian starting school and Mattias saying "Mommy" for the first time, but that's another time and another post.


Alicia Hudelson said...

Wow, people wore spikes?!! I kind of want to do one of those now just so I can dig the spikes out of the depths of my closet.

Also, you may have the longest legs in the world.

Finally, thank you but I can't take credit for either of those things you attributed to me! Apparently there is a mistake in the previous Arrowhead results on Ultrasignup and a woman in 2007 (?) went faster than me. Oh well. Also, I have the women's FKT for the Superior Hiking Trail, not the overall.

SteveQ said...

I wish there were races like that one here. Cheap low-key races with top runners having fun on a regular basis... the whole series they have makes me want to drive to Duluth to run (though the drive:run ratio is prohibitive).

16:11 is getting dangerously close to my best times! Do I have to come out of retirement to teach you how to race these things?!

Fast Bastard - World's Fastest Hematologist said...

Alicia, thanks for clearing up your records. I think you had mentioned the Arrowhead situation before, come to think of it.

Long legs? I have fat, stubby legs, but maybe that's what you're auggesting and I am not picking up on it.

Steve, it is a long drive, but we will throw in dinner at the Hoeg house if you decide to come.

Alicia Hudelson said...

I was serious about the long legs! That photo from the finish makes you look like your typical lanky 5k runner. Then again, I guess you are into the 5ks now aren't you...

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Northstar Nerd said...

Welcome to Duluth! I suspect we are cousins. My name is Rich ... and have the same last name as you! Both my wife and I are also endurance athletes having run many marathons, and skied the Birkie, etc. Just completed a 2,350+ self supported bike tour! As a FYI, you are the second Dr. Hoeg to work at the Clinic. My Dad is retired, and has a long history with the organization. Please feel free to check my own blog out, NorthStarNerd.org. Once again, welcome to Duluth and congrats on your running. Would welcome getting together. We live on 7 Bridges Road just a stone throw away from the start of the Lester Amity Trails.

Northstar Nerd said...
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