Monday, April 7, 2014

April 2014 Running Log

2 5K@8% 21:30?. 5K@8%. ? time
4 5K%8% (no time; pager went off in the middle. "4x800" 15:20
6 2M@5% 12:19, "4x800" 15:18. PR
8 5K@8% 20:20 PR. 4x800 15:19
9 An hour or so with Christian on his bike.
115K@8%, 2M@5% 12:09 (though on unreliable YMCA treadmill
13 A few miles with Andreas in the hotel gym
15 2M@5% 12:16. "4x800" 15:25. I think I got fatter on vacation
17 8 x 800, I think. i forget the times.
19 2M@5% 12:11. PR? but the treadmill seems like one of the faster ones
21 800 m intervals. Got interrupted too many times.
23 9 miles. 10 K "progression intervals in 39 something
26 Chippewa 50K. 4:12. Terrible race.
28 Swam some
30 sore legs on the treadmill

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