Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yesterday, I only worked a half day (moonlighting in Urgent Care). The Girl worked the second half of our shared shift. It was very busy, although no really sick people. There were some pretty thought-provoking people, including a drug-seeker whose two-week prescription of narcotics ran out on Memorial Day. Honestly, he probably should have had exactly enough pills to last until the next day but I don't think he was being dishonest per se. He basically called his doctor (with whom he has a very strict agreement about his pills) and realized that he wasn't in on Memorial day.

So what was I supposed to do? Call him a fool for miscalculating one pill? Let him withdraw for 12 hours until he could get in touch with his normal doctor? I gave him a script for two pills to tide him over but didn't feel right about it. If the regular Urgent Care/ER docs had heard about it, they would have felt I was encouraging drug-seeking behavior.

I'm actually getting some good training runs in these days. Yesterday, after getting relieved by the Girl in Urgent Care, I biked with the Lorax to the track. I warmed up and did one mile in 5:42 before the Lorax started crying. At that point, there were some high school kids gathering for what would probably be practice a while later. I got the Lorax to shut up for a little while and did a few more intervals (400,800,800 dictated by the Lorax's crying). By then, the high school coach was there and I felt like I had to leave.

Biked back to our apartment, where there is a nice park. I ran 4x1000(-ish) around the perimeter of the park. Now, the Lorax was sleeping peacefully in the middle of the park (in clear sight from every point on the loop).

Today, I started my anesthesia rotation. It's a little weird rotating in something I know so little about. I feel like a medical student, completely out of my element in the OR. It was fun, though, and the best part was that I got done at 11am. Walked home, where the Girl was eating oatmeal (as always). Suddenly we had the afternoon off together (she works tonight) and decided to run on the bike trails, which we did for 2.5 hours. I ended up running 15 miles.

I'm still uncertain as to what I am training for. The legs have come back nicely from a hard spring full of races. As it is, I am going for the 50K on July 5th during our honeymoon (Angel Island). If I feel as good as I do now, I will go for broke in that race and see if, after all, I have some ultra ilk in me.

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SteveQ said...

A couple of years ago, I presented to the emergency room with what I'm sure the staff thought was drug seeking. I had idiopathic esophageal spasms, which were excruciating. They waited me out to see whether I was faking. After four hours, I got morphine, which barely dulled the pain.

So, if you didn't have a nurse listen to screams for four hours, I'd say you made a good call.