Friday, June 27, 2008

No more residency

This afternoon, I did my usual late rounds in the hospital, tucking in my patients. Talked to a couple of the nurses about some small things, going from unit to unit. I tried not to think about the fact that I would probably never set foot inside those buildings or see those nurses ever again.

Being done is such a strange feeling. In two days, we will be checking in to our hotel in San Francisco with two weeks of honeymoon ahead of us. It's the first time in three years, I have had more than 5 workdays off in a row. I am wired in a strange way that only allows me to enjoy something if I feel like I have worked for it. Lots of people are probably like that but years and years of school and, now, residency, have made me a particular glutton for punishment. I need to smell the roses these next two weeks because after that it's probably going to be a fall full of busy work.

Running-wise, the legs are smooth in a way I have not felt since my track days. I went out running the other night and did some 800m intervals that felt great. I made the decision to run the 25K race next weekend. I realize it's probably more of a fun run distance for that particular event and there probably won't be a lot of competition. But I just feel so fast now and I don't want to blow it with a 50K now. I may be unrealistic but I am eyeing up a couple of PRs this summer (5 miles, 10K). Also, the Girl is running the 50 and I will have fun watching her running. She will kick ass that day.

Oh well, the Olympic trials are on.

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