Sunday, June 22, 2008

So I "graduated" Friday, although I still have to pay back my paternity leave for one more week. And then what? I don't have a job lined up; I thought I did but I learned last week that I would not get approved for it. So instead of the joy of being done with residency, I get unemployed.

It's scary as hell. I have a few leads but nothing really great. Our hospital is the overwhelming forci in this area and I it has been made clear to me that I will be damaged goods for at least a few years. There is a smaller hospital in town; they have a job that wouldn't be too bad but it's a job that I already turned down once when I was first applying some months ago. I don't know how much that counts against me. The only other job within driving distance is actually a job in an Indian Health clinic; that one would be boring but would look good on a CV.

I guess for now, I'll be hired on as a research associate at my hospital for a month or so while I find something else. At least that's something.

Running has been strong. Last four days have seen 14, 8, 15 and 11 miles, a lot of them fast. Today, I ran over to the YMCA to run a tempo on the treadmill. It's so hot out I felt like running inside. The 5K tempo was run in 16:54, which is 10 seconds faster than my previous fastest 5K tempo this year. I am very excited about it; it probably means I am in low-16s 5K race shape.

The 50K is two weeks away now. I'm still worried about the distance after what happened at Chippewa. There is a 25K there also; I thought about swithcing to that. I woundn't have to worry about bonking and I could watch the Girl run the last part of the 50K. I think she will win, looking at last year's times.

The Girl is slowly but surely starting to train with a purpose. She is taking easy days now and runs some days harder than in the past. The way she set a 5K at the end of a triathlon tells me she is ready for a strong summer. With all races, winning depends on who else shows up, but I think she will win either the 50K or the fall marathon we are signing up for. My guess is she will dip below 20 in a 5K we are doing in July. I am slipping into kind of a coaching role; it's a lot of fun. If she trained exactly like I wanted her to (and didn't get injured), she would become wicked fast in no time.


SteveQ said...

There's no connection between coaching and getting athletes to do what you want them to do. Coaching is more about getting them to not do the things that are hampering them. And sleeping in cars - that seems to be a big part.

Bec said...

Congrats with being done with your residency!! It's quite an accomplishment to revel in, so please don't let the lack of a job now take away from it. You should know you got screwed with the job thing and hold your head up high and celebrate!

sea legs girl said...

Way to put pressure on me :). I've never been one to win races. Oh and, yeah, listen to Bec!

olga said...

I am with Steveq. I am also against pressure, but for some it works perfectly fine.
Glad to have you back:)