Saturday, August 2, 2008


Wow, this diet really works! I have lost all the weight I wanted to in 4 days.

On the three days I have counted calories, I have eaten around 2100 a day. Of course, that's way too low (which is why I am losing weight). They have been pretty intense training days, too. Today, I feel a little weak and plan to eat a big dinner tonight and big breakfast before our planned long run tomorrow.

A few lessons I have learned in my few days of calorie counting: you can't eat candy, cookies, pastries etc. Ten Haribo gummi bears, which I can't live without, comprise 75 calories and they have very little filling effect. Other things, like cooking oil, butter, peanut butter (or just peanuts) surprised me by being so calorie dense. I mean, I know they are, essentially, 100% fat but it still blows me away how many calories are packed into so little space.

I use a scale for everything, like if I am pouring cereal I do this: first I zero the scale with the bowl on the scale. I pour in the cereal, noting the weight and calories; then I pour in the other kind of cereal (I have to mix cereals), note the data, pour the milk and then little chocolate sprinkles etc. It's fun, believe it or not.

Things that aren't as bad as I thought (and that I have eaten a lot more of lately) include:

Bread (damn Atkins people had me biased on that one) - especially European Rye
Eggs (Just 70 calories and it's filling)
Chocolate (relatively speaking)
Milk (actually isn't too bad)
Water (I drink so much I worry about hyponatremia but it makes me feel full)

Something strange is happening to our computer. It won't let us load blogspot pages anymore. I can post, obviously, but can't check (some) pages on blogspot. Maybe some virus? We're hoping it will go away.


Danni said...

Nice work! I simply can't imagine being able to lose 3 pounds in 4 days!!!

sea legs girl said...

I'm glad water is no longer considered calorie-dense in your mind.

SteveQ said...

Don't ever share your dieting story with patients. "I dropped 3 lbs. in 4 days by counting calories" will make them hate you!

Unless, of course, you now gain 5 in 4 days.

Danni said...
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Bec said...

Hey doc!
Please let Sea Legs Girl that I went to check her blog today and it was for invited readers only. I've been following you two for awhile now and I enjoy what you have both have had to say. I know why your blogs sometimes go private and I just want to say that I hope everything is okay...
Take care,

Runningdoctor said...

Bec, her blog is back up.

Bec said...

Thanks for letting me know! :)