Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Too light?

This diet has really worked. I'm not sure what I am doing that's so effective; I work a lot, run a lot and think about not eating too much. I'm down to 64.2 kg this morning, which is even lower than when I had braces put on.

I look a little emaciated, I guess, but not too bad.

But... The Girl and I went for a long run yesterday and I just didn't feel good. Had to quit after 18 miles. Sure, it was hot and humid but I just felt weaker than I should have. In the absence of any formal testing, I think I can conclude that I am a little too light, at least for the long runs, right now.

Tomorrow I'm taking the Boards... I'm a little nervous about that one.

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Danni said...

Maybe you're just not eating enough -- as opposed to being too light??? Maybe this is a disctinction without a difference.