Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm at the airport waiting to board. An era is over and I have reminisced. Goodbyes were said to colleagues, friends and family and 7 months of laid-back La Crosse lie ahead.

My running is going well, as is the Girl's. We aren't 100% sure which races weare going to do, but the list so far looks something like this:

3 days of Syllamo in March
Ice age 50 (K for me; miles for the Girl.
La Crosse Marathon (Granddad's Marathon).
Voyageur 50 miles

The girl also plans a 100K in Copenhagen in April.

In between, there are plenty of shortsr races in the area. Plenty is not reallt accurate, but there are a few out there, like some half marathons within a few hours' drove and some shorter races in La Crosse.

I plan on running a ton and cross training on my bike and in the pool. For the unlikely reader who knows La Crosse, Bliss Road, which leads to the top of the bluffs, washed away last fall, so the biking will be hampered by that. Who knows, maybe it will be fixed by spring. That road has washed away like 4 times in the 6 or so years I have known La Crosse.

Wow, in 10 hours I will see the Girl and the two boys and tomorrow I will be back with Natali and Andreas. Not bad.

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SteveQ said...

I'll see you at Voyageur (and maybe at Ice Age, if I'm feeling it)!