Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oh no, I didn't!

I ran hard Monday, Wednesday, easy Thursday, and took Friday and Saturday off, because I had a marathon Sunday.

My week was strange, without a wife and kids. Work was hard, with all the research I'm trying to finish up and, unfortunately, no less that three of my clinic patients had relapses within two days.

So I was looking forward to the marathon. It was all planned out; the usual slow start, followed by a fast caffeinated second half.

But. As I was on the phone with the Girl yesterday, she asked "how did the marathon go?" and I realized I had the date wrong. It was yesterday! So that's definitely a strange end to a strange week.


PiccolaPineCone said...

Oh no indeed. You did! Sucks. I did that with an XC race in October (f course I was not, by any stretch, in great shape).

SteveQ said...

Oops! I remember doing that for a final exam in college - tried to think of an acceptable excuse for just simply forgetting what day it was supposed to be - couldn't believe I'd "space" like that on something so important at the time.