Monday, December 19, 2011

Running Log December 2011

3 bjergmarathon 3:45 or so. Fast last half.
4- some slow stuff. Legs generally tired after two races in 2 weeks.
11-12 long run saturday. 2 lakes with Nikolaj Sunday
14 long run in Copenhagen
15 ran to the hospital and up to the 26th floor a few times
18 forgot about the marathon Saturday. Great long run in the green tunnel and around the usual trails. 30k? Last 10km very fast.
20 Up and down Herlev Hospital. PR frok 2nd to 26th floor: 2:52
22 quick little 5k before going to bed
23 Great legs. Around 10 miles, fartleks. Very fast. Legs hurt the next day.
25 Another great run around Bagsværd Lake. My legs are finally over the back to back races earlier in the month.
27 Femveje in the rain. Legs were a little stale. Leavving for Chicago in an hour.

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